Cleyndert & Barr
Brand Development, Web Design
& Digital Brochure

Cleyndert & Barr is a British Manufacturer of traditional and contemporary
bespoke furniture and cabinetry. It unites the traditional knowledge and heritage of Charles Barr Ltd.
with the contemporary style and technical expertise of Bill Cleyndert & Company.


As a company with a new name and new management Cleyndert & Barr commissioned Doublard Design to develop its branding, a digital brochure and website. Bill Cleyndert & Company, with whom we have worked with for a number of years, thankfully felt very confident that we were the right company for the job. We must have done something right previously!

Brand Development

We were tasked with developing a brand identity for a British heritage company that reflects traditional values and which should have access to the contemporary interior design market.

The dominant heritage serif font that we chose is called Tautz. The clean contemporary sans-serif font that we chose is called Humanist.


Great photography will always make a difference to website presentations, as is the case with the Cleyndert & Barr website.

Working with a fantastic image base we used subtle animations (i.e. slow image zooming), link animations, and manipulated the way that the written copy on the page loads to orchestrate a combination of traditional and contemporary, which is reflected in Cleyndert & Barr's furniture.

Integral mobile versions of the website

Business Cards

"Doublard Design have been pivotal to the transformation of our brand and we are absolutely delighted with the results. Doublard Design has consistently demonstrated patience, persistence, flexibility and a sound understanding of the high-end interiors business. I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending them to other businesses requiring a professional and creative design partner."

Louise Pardoe
Head of Marketing