Chapel Street
Brand Development, Web Design
& Brochure

Chapel Street London's furniture represents the combination of high quality products
and inspiring designs. All furniture is custom made to order in proprietary
workshops and their collection includes sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, stools, ottomans, beds and headboards.


We were approached by Chapel Street London to help bring their perceived brand image up to date and in line with current trends.

Chapel Street London provides luxury ready to buy, semi-custom and fully custom furniture to the high end of the interior design industry. It's important therefore that they are perceived as a provider of high quality goods that are presented elegantly and without clutter.

Brand Development

In developing Chapel Street London's logo, the first thing that sprung to mind was that the first three letters, i.e. CHA, were the same as used in CHANEL, which will be immediately associated with luxury.

We happen to love Gotham, a very strong and sometimes chunky font, available in different weights and which is used by Coco Chanel and Tom Ford amongst other leading high-end luxury brands. Gotham was also used in Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign, which lends itself to the words
"strong - contemporary - statesman - qualified".


As a provider of high-end luxury items, a company will wish to engage their potential clients on an aspirational level. It will wish to demonstrate the high-end nature and desirability of their products.

It is our job at Doublard Design to think on behalf of our clients, research the marketplace, see how competitors are presenting themselves and produce something altogether superior.

Not only should the design layout make good use of margins, appropriate colouring and sharp imagery, but the functionality of the website should be slick, engaging and easy to use.

Interactive User Experience

We enjoyed putting a lot of effort into the development of the Chapel Street London website and creating the interactive user experience that unfolds when enquiring about a particular product. The system that we developed (as demonstrated in the video here) allows the user to customise the item that they are enquiring about (in this case a sofa) through the selection of size, fabric and wood finish.

Essentially, this user engagement puts the potential client in control of what they are enquiring about, whilst impressing them with a clever interactive experience that will only instill positive emotions towards Chapel Street London as a company.

Integral mobile versions
of the website

"Marcus and the Doublard team are a different proposition to the other design services that we evaluated. They didn't focus on the technology; they were more interested in what mattered to our customers and to our company. The fact that they really understand our niche world of high-end interiors made a huge difference. Their team really care about the result, so revisions, no matter how small or picky, were addressed rapidly and with charm. We're delighted with the result, and are looking forward to working again with them in the future."

Tony Hocking
Sales Director