The unstoppable growth of digital marketing means that websites, social media and email marketing are essential promotional tools - even for companies that previously relied on a low-key approach and personal referrals.

Combined with traditional methods of marketing via brochures, adverts and captured press articles; digital marketing now provides companies with huge opportunities to gain new business enquiries and sales.

If you are serious about your business and how it is perceived, you should consider investing in this well. Perception really is everything!

At Doublard Design, we believe that a strong brand presentation inspires a positive psychological perception of a business or organisation.

Design: less is more

In terms of design, less is often more, simplicity is key and elegance is paramount. The look of your brand logo and how your design portfolio, services or products are presented on your website speak volumes about you and your business. It's so important to get this right.

Choosing the right design company

It is of course, crucial that you choose the right company to help you with digital and print design. Selecting a web design firm that resonates with your values will produce results that expand on your vision for the company. Let's face it, there are a lot of geeky IT types out there, who don't understand businesses that trade strongly on aesthetics and word of mouth, such as the interior design industry.

Things to look out for in a web design company:

  • an understanding of the industry that you work in will save you time spent explaining it, and deliver more effective results
  • a strong portfolio with elegant design layouts
  • good testimonials from satisfied and respected clients
  • a stable company that has been in business for some time
  • experience in developing the type of website you need
  • the ability to provide ongoing support and potentially web and email hosting
  • the ability to produce responsive websites that work well on smartphones and tablets
  • a bespoke basis for working, producing everything in house according to your requirements, without the use of potentially vulnerable third-party software

Elegant design cultivates trust in potential clients

The 'big picture' to bear in mind when choosing a company to help implement your marketing collateral is that it should have an overall positive impact on your business. The work produced should allow you to feel confident in marketing your company, in the knowledge that when a potential customer engages with you, they will be impressed enough to consider doing business with you. Elegant marketing collateral that conveys your brand values has the power to cultivate trust and turn a vaguely interested party into a valued client.

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About Doublard Design

Since 2001, Doublard Design has delivered elegant marketing collateral to a growing portfolio of clients, many in the high-end interior design industry. We help our clients increase business enquiries and sales through carefully considered brand projection. A pioneer of online visual libraries, we provide full spectrum design services and secure website hosting on our dedicated server. Dynamic and static websites, brand logos and artwork for print are skillfully created with the highest aesthetic values and a personal approach. Our team of eleven staff is based across sites in the UK and Nepal.